Happy New Year (if we are still permitted to say that?)

Please forgive the lightness of posting on this blog of late since my selection as the Labour party Parliamentary candidate for Ealing Central and Acton at the end of last year. I’m honoured and humbled to have been picked to represent Labour where I grew up and attended both primary and secondary school in the 2015 General Election when we are gunning to re-take the seat and dislodge this discredited Tory-lead government. Since selection I’ve been at numerous events in Ealing and Acton starting with Remembrance Sunday at the old Acton Hospital the day after my victory. Meeting the great nephew of pioneering Labour MP “Red Ellen” Wilkinson at the prize-giving at the School in W5 bearing her name was another highlight at their annual prize-giving where I was guest speaker (the request to do it predates my candidacy but it’s firmly in the seat).

I wanted to ask all readers of this blog along to a future happening in the constituency itself a couple of Saturdays away. On Saturday 25th Sir Peter Hall the eminent academic, local historians and myself are to speak at a conference on West London suburbia in Ealing Central Library. Here is the flyer. Would be great to see you there (click on the image to enlarge):