This picture is of a scholarly conference on at the end of last year organised by the subcultures network, more of whom here


except the event probed the age-ing process and subcultures as the picture suggests with punk, goth, mod and northern soul all represented.

Charlie Watts today in the Guardian G2 has uttered the words “we’re boring farts now” on the plight of the Rolling Stones who sold out their Hyde Park gig tickets in a record 5 minutes. It was not beneath him though to come back to Ealing last year when a plaque was unveiled at the basement club where the band first played some 50 years earlier, demonstrating the longstanding link between suburbs and subcultures.

The evidence is all around us: the fascinating if slightly out-of-body experience I had of being at the ICA’s lovingly curated Smithsfest last weekend then the excitement over new Bowie product and the V and A exhibition of his artefacts. As I stated in my Tribune column today and on the Channel 4 website earlier this week, Pop Will Eat Itself? I think it already has.