Hilary Clinton who stated on her last day of office in January that gender inequality remains the unfinished business of the twentieth century. In this country the gains of earlier generations arguably peaked with the New Labour government’s equalities bill continuing in the governments’ recognition of the state’s role in childcare and extending maternity and paternity pay. Yet things have been on the slide ever since; it’s the capital’s women who are hardest hit by the coalition’s cuts: like removing principle of universality in child benefit, something even Thatcher who was a working mum herself would never have dared tamper with. Feminism has an image problem, granted but you don’t have to be a bra-burning humourless dungarees wearer to accept that we are not going forward but back. The installation of Theresa May as Home Secretary (who arguably has had to put up with more flack than male counterparts would) cannot detract from this fact. Women’s unemployment recently peaked at a 20 year high. “Having it all” is still a must us for all, circumvented by glass ceilings everywhere. So as a mum and member of the workforce I say despite the distance we’ve travelled (women didn’t even have the vote on equal terms until 1828) there is still a way to go. Let’s put women in politics centre-stage and policy considerations rather than being some sort of window dressing. On yes and happy international women’s day to sisters everywhere.

PS Here’s the cover of a book not out yet but forthcoming. The final image to be used is not this one and publication date uncertain but will update you on both in due course…

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