Haven’t done any blogposts for a while as it’s been the festive season holiday, in which time I seem to have seen lots films without even having budged from from my sofa or having any additional channels/packages on the set other than what it came with. Here are the ten I’ve hoovered up end-to-end in order of preference, all things I’ve seen for 1st time in last 2 weeks. Those that were deja vu are not included.

1. Rebecca – stunning wartime b/w Hitchcock melodrama depicting the forces of hell unleashed (hat-tip Alistair Darling) when a mysterious millionaire widower remarries a young ‘un (actress had 21st birthday on set) who finds herself with much more than she bargained for

2. Parenthood – can’t remember if I saw this first time round, if so it made zero impression. Director Ron Howard is known for his prudish drama but this one had lots of good stuff in there for me I could relate to now I am a a parent even though it stars non parent Steve Martin. I loved the Keanu Reeves character – 1st 80s outing for his Bill+Ted chracter??

3. Attack the Block – sassy contemporary true Brit zombie film set on a sarf London council estate

4. The Lady Vanishes – more Hitchcockian monochromatic stuff, this time a rollicking spy thriller, far superior to the glossy BBC drama serialisation on at the same time with Downton’s Lady Mary

5. Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief – influenced by my 8 year old boy. Amreicanifyed Harry Potterish thing where a slacker – similar to Keanu of (2) – from high school takes on Greek mythical creatures

6. Astro-Boy – a CGI pixar type thing. Never got as famous as Shrek or Toy Story but robot-boy plot centred on decent fundamental story about how difference is good with obligatory double-entres for parents as pioneered by the Simpsons

7. The Spiderwicke Chroincles – more monsters and weird creatures in a old house. A wee bit like Coraline but starring the English boy actor who was in Tim Burton’s Charlie and the Chocolate factory who plays a yank (rather like Estes and Brody of Homeland or Hugh Laurie as House)

8. Twilight – another variation of US high school flick where the kids seemingly never do any work and pupils drive to lessons. Yet unlike Rebel Without a Cause the main man (pale and interesting) is a vampire played by a Brit – see (7)

9. The Birds – My least favourite Hitckcock of the 3 and a half I saw, bit creepy even if 60s special effects v. primitive by out standards. Like (1) based on a Daphne DuMaurier tale, Set in the US and in colour it appeared to show a girl from the big bad city coming to a smalltown signalling an inexplicable attack of feathered friends – the original “angry birds”

10. Bruno – pretty dire. The suburban wigga with attitude Ali G from Staines was funny (specially before his identity was widely known and he interviewed the late Rhodes Boyson MP, Tony Benn etc). However this excruciating as it was soooo unpolitically correct and trying too hard to shock.

Happy new year everyone anyone. If you have kids the holidays aren’t even over yet so enjoy what remains…