If you have a copy of the Daily Telegraph handy have a look at p15 and you’ll see this (click on it to enlarge):


Basically Tory councillor Colm Costello has been caught criticising the council from a fake ID on the Ealing Today forum. He even replies as himself at one point while signed in with the fake name. Beating the Torygraph to it was the Ealing Gazette.

Clearly the coalition does not survive at local level as even the Lib Dems cannot hide their amusement at this faux pas as seen in their leader’s tweet.

Surely there is a lot of it about – fake royal baby accounts at Twitter and from the  2010 election @bigotedwoman but like the popular blogger Gay Girl in Damascus who was unveiled as a 35 year old postgrad in Scotland the hapless councillor with wacky twitterhandle @jackclaudereadi broke the 11th commandment – he got caught.