I’m not a big one for televised sport but even I got caught up in Olympic Fever; I enjoyed the main 2012 games as a phenomenon and must confess to feeling a sense of anti-climax when it all ended. However after a 2 week hiatus the Paralympics kicks off. Although one could complain that the two should have been more closely linked to avoid the paras looking like an afterthought/ add on/ tacked-onto-the-main event thing, the omens are good: the Royal Mail will  issue stamps for medal-winners which there should be a few of, building on the euphoria of theearlier London Games.

Was present to see the arrival of the flame (not a torch as such) at the postmodern cum pagan Northala Fields, Northolt, Middlesex on Friday evening. It seemed that were more non-able bodied punters present than I have seen at recent outdoor gatherings including comparable events of the Mayor of London 2012 festival, or prehaps I was just conscious of this issue than usual.

Here’s some photographic evidence to give you an idea of the goings on:

(Click on any image to enlarge, Pics courtesy of the long lense of Tim Kelly).

Roll on the games now