You’ll probably know that Britain’s 65 strong Olympic medal haul, coming 3rd after USA and China, exceeded all expectations – the Daily Mail called the initial target to finish 4th with 48 medals “lofty” and given the total of just one gold in 1996 where Team GB finished 36th it might have looked so. This time round there were sometimes 3 golds a day- see final tally here.

As (i) pointed out by Gordon Brown the other day and (ii) in answer to a comment made after my post mentioning Andy Murray on this blog, the most succint way of putting it is like this (click on hyperlink to get the whole table):

As the accompanying blogpost from Better Together states:

The Olympics have also confirmed how much the rest of the UK values Scotland’s contribution to the United Kingdom. The opening ceremony saw Chris Hoy carrythe UK flag, Aberdeen’s Emeli Sandé singing Abide with Me. We saw Chairots of Fire, Trainspotting and Gregory’s Girl. We heard Flower of Scotland sung by Scottish children and the Olympic cauldron was lit by young Scottish athletes chosen as the future of Team GB.  And, of course, in the competitions we have seen English, Welsh and Northern Irish fans cheering on Scots as part of their team.

Since then Sande also appeared at the closing ceremony too. In case you missed any of that click here for the edited highlights. It was a bittersweet moment when the handover finally happened; at least there was no Boris zipwire moment but let’s just remember the role that Ken Livingstone, Tessa Jowell and Tony Blair played in these games.

The coalition loves to think up excuses for the failure of its policies: the weather, last year’s royal wedding etc. Given how we’ve had saturation coverage of sport on the BBC of late no prizes for guessing what it’ll be when the next quarter’s results come in if they’re anything like as disappointing as recent ones have been…