Morissey who has trashed the Royal Family, Band Aid, the Chinese and former bandmates in his time has had a go at the Olympics. More specifically he has called GB’s Olympic joy “blustering jingoism”. This is how the Independent reported the outburst originally made on his own true to you blog which compared the atmosphere to the games held in Hitler’s Germany in 1939.

Was asked for a reaction by Channel 4 news yesterday. Their report on it is here:

I am quoted. Here is a longer version of the answers I gave them:

– Is Morissey shocking anymore? Or is he like the mad old uncle at Christmas?

I think Morrissey has become a pantomime dame. It may be a cliché to say so but “that joke isn’t funny anymore”. His quest to be controversial sometimes leads him to spout the idiotic

– Why do you think he feels moved to make comments like this one? Or has he got a point?
To be fair before the games started it did seem that there were very few actual people one encountered (ie not politicians) who were not sceptical of the benefits that this £9bn taxpayer funded event would have for the ordinary Joe and Josephine however attitudes have transformed. Starting with the enormous goodwill generated by the torch ceremonies then the warms-the-cockles-of-your-heart opening ceremony then topped by the amazing run of medal success there is an inescapable feelgood factor. Even the hardest of hearts seems to have melted. As an expat Morrissey is unaware of this and I feel he has misjudged the public on this one.

– Does his flirtation with race issues damage his musical legend?

For me the Smiths were musically and morally unimpeachable but Morrissey solo has increasingly disappointed with his race ambiguity.

– If you could fax him some words of advice, what would they be?

Get yourself on Twitter Moz as Johnny Marr is these days and quit the war of the faxes. You can’t be a cumudegeonly old luddite forever