Great Olympics-induced feelgood factor in the UK at the moment. The gold medal winning feat of Andy Murray who soundly defeated Roger Federer is a great reversal after the disappointment of Wimbledon just a few weeks ago and  makes a powerful case against Scottish Independence. In a week when the Daily Mail looks out of step with public opinion for its spoilsport carping about the fact that many of the team GB contenders are not truly British for being born overseas, last week’s piece in the FT was spot on in claiming our “plastic Brits” are the secret of London’s success from Prince Philip to Mo Farah

At the time nobody dreamed that Britain’s haul of medals would be so impressive, zooming up from position 21 in the medals table to 3rd in just days.

In the mean-time the only thing anyone might still find fault with are the logos.  Mascots Wenlock and Mandeville with just one pair of eyes between the two of them are hideous compared to eg Montreal Ted fondly remembered from my youth. Very below par from the nation that gave us Wallace and Gromit.

As for this version of the uninspired logo, is it just me who thinks it looks like Lisa Simpson doing something unspeakable to Bart…?