Not new news exactly but now available (sadly again) is a property that’s only changed hands once in 40 years: Amy Winehouse’s former des res in Camden. The estate agent website is here (where a viewing can be booked) and another stat porn site features it here. It’s yours for a few pennies short of £2.7million for wihch you get 2,500 square feet – that’d have to be a pretty big cat to be swinging. Rooms include a basement gym and this tasteful kitchen:

The floorplan of the layout is here (bit chopped at the side but you get theidea):

I remember asking my parents as a kid why the late popular entertainer Bob Monkhouse was not called Bob “Monastery.” By my same childhood literal logic maybe Amy should’ve been called “Cellar”. Hopefuly whoever the next occupants will be able to enjoy it longer than the last one and not too bothered by any onlookers wanting to turn it into a macabre rock landmark/ shrine.