Interesting story here in the Independent. Basically Oxfam was bequeathed a chap’s estate in his will when passd away including a 2003 bet that Federer will win the mens finals at Wimbledon today that will net the charity some £101,840 if he defeats Murray. The other people hoping that Murray messes it up are William Hill (through whom the late tennis visionary’s bet was placed) who will lose £5 million if he wins in other bets. Their head honcho Rupert Adams is quoted as saying “If he lifts the trophy we will probably have the worst day of tennis betting in our long history”.

There’s more than we thought riding on this then. As well as the burden of pressure of Murray being first Brit in a final almost in living memory serious money is at stake. Last British Wimbledon champ was of course sportswear lengend and cooperative Party stalwart Fred Perry, whose commemorative plaque at the Brentham Club in Ealing I went past only yesterday. BBC story on the British Heritage one at his home in Pisthanger Lane is here.