… is out today. An excerpt is here (it was written in a week of exam boards and post-marking assessment stuff in university-land):

When commentators comment and students write about “the media” it can all too often sound like a sinister singular entity that does stuff to us rather than allows us to use it as a tool in activism or other aspects of life. Helped along by its partner in crime the smart phone and a whole range of other hand held devices, new media is becoming embedded into our everyday routines and daily interactions, rapidly becoming part of our lives on multiple fronts so why should overthrow of autocratic regimes not be one of them? The old saying that the personal is political has never been so apt.

How the power of social media can help us in mobilisations against the coalition government that’s landed us in a double-dip recession hellbent on performing more u-turns than a testosterone fuelled Jeremy Clarkson in a gas-guzzler on a muddy field will no doubt be debated vigorously on Saturday at the annual Netroots conference at the TUC where hundreds of bloggers, tweeters and online campaigns will congregate for a day of not just talking shop but training and hands on “how to do” sessions on the subject of digital activism. Although the TUC is the venue they are mostly just lending out their premises. Organisationally it genuinely is a grassroots initiative.

… Ok it makes more sense if you read the whole thing which goes on about marking dissertatoins and how “Social media” and “riots” were among the most popular topic choices this year but you get the point. The event in town tomorrow the Annual Netroots conference can be attended with a paypal account and a few clicks here. It costs a bargain fiver (a snip compared to usual door-tax for such events).

See you there?