Fantastic result “aux elections legislatives dimanche” as they say ie in the second round of voting in the French elections held on Sunday. The 37 old year Hull-born, Canadian-raised Axelle Lemaire of the Parti Socialiste has been tweeting about rip off Eurostar prices and her first week in the French Assembly having been placed there by the expat constituency for a constituency named Français d’Europe du Nord (3ème circonscription) comprising “Irlande, Royaume-Uni, Danemark, Suède, Norvège, Finlande, Islande, Estonie, Lettonie, Lituanie” which covers some half a million people… although it’s widely reckoned to be South Kensington where the biggest reservoir of votes was. London is apparently the 6th biggest French city.

UPDATE: Further revelations including that she is a lwayer and mum of two according to this in the Montreal Gazette who are claiming her as one of their own. Also her Daily Politics appearance is here.

Incidentally why do we always have to have elections on a Thursday in the UK? I know it’s a time honoured tradition but weekend voting could arrest plummeting turnouts: is there any sane reason why we do what we do?