Perfect for those Summer nights and days round the campfire or wherever you may be is this new long player:

Scoring a number one with “Brimful of Asha” in 1997, Cornershop were always wrongly associated with Britpop but they predated that movement and have stuck around much longer than those who were its prinicpal personnel – they’ve clocked up an astounding 21 years in the biz. This new album is a mix of jaunty guitar tunes a la Jonathan Richman, blistering dance grooves and even a track featuring a kiddie’s choir called β€œWhat did the hippy have in his bag?” (twice) . If you don’t believe me, the video is clickable through the band’s website here which also contains a downloadable electro-funkified version of Brimful here.

As befits a thoroughly modern band with a love of all things classic the critically acclaimed Urban Turban with its stonkingly good dozen tunesΒ  is available on CD, MP3 and vinyl at the aforementioned site. Soundtrack for/ of the Summer.