Reminder: if you’re in town and available tomorrow there’s a discussion at the London University Institute of Education looking into hip hop education followed by an evening lecture by Prof David Kirkland New York University + reception. A link to the full details is here. Relevant bits are:

‘Hip hop, education, identities’: a roundtable discussion, chaired by Lucy Green, with David Kirkland, Rupa Huq, Francis Winston, Patrick Turner, Chris Richards

Wednesday May 30th 2012 2.30 to 4.00 – Large seminar room.
London Knowledge Lab 23-29 Emerald Street LondonWC1N 3QS

Have been having a think about the above question in connection with this event. Surely with its 80s/90s penchant for nicking, mashing up, ripping off, plunder, pillage whatever-you-call-it of existing music resources, hip hop had an uncannily parallel rise with the theoretical notion of postmodernism with its insistence on deconstruction? People like Derrida may have gone out of fashion now in academic circles but hip hop is still with us and has passed into respectability if it’s the stuff of seminars like this one. The culture of sampling too is still very much with us: YouTube has democratised any amateur’s ability to get their wares to a wider market than ever before.

Whether hip hop practitioners now and in the  past realise/d that they embody all this postmodern malarkey is another thing though (unless they are cultural studies undergrads which is not impossible these days)…