Am quoted here in today’s Independent on Sunday with my reaction to the resurgence of Ed Miliband bouyed by of the Coalition’s difficulties and Labour’s good election results. The full comment I gave them went something like this:

Nothing defines a winner like winning and Ed Miliband is on a winning streak. His argument that the government are cutting too far too fast is resonating now the economy is in recession and the debt and unemployment figures keep getting worse. Miliband is the first politician in generations to stand up to Murdoch and win. The local elections has let him give his party what Cameron has failed to do for his: deliver a strong victory, putting Downing St is within his sights.

In the past the public thought Cameron confident and Miliband geeky but now even his own MP’s think that confidence is turning to arrogance and Miliband is undergoing his own reassessment.

On the Guardian website today polling confirms that Ed the Unstoppable is winning over Lib Dem converts/ reverts sickened by their party’s collusion in the coalition. It may be three years to go until an election but things are looking up for Labour and Ed M.