As the Smiths put it on Paint A Vulgar Picture from their last album (YouTube here):

Re-issue ! Re-package ! Re-package ! Re-evaluate the songs
Double-pack with a photograph/ Extra Track (and a tacky badge)

A-list, playlist
“Please them , please them !”/ “Please them !” (sadly, THIS was your life)

But you could have said no/ If you’d wanted to
You could have walked away / …Couldn’t you?


It all sounds strangely prophetic of the coalition relaunch. They can re-launch all they like; it’s just marketing which suits the spivy spin-doctor Cameron down to the ground. However it does not change the facts of the situation: we are in recession again, there is no growth. A relaunch will not reverse benefit cuts for those who are having their money withdrawn or magically heal those seriously ill who have been declared fit to work. As for the Lib Dems they are the human shield who played the price dearly last Thursday with Brian Paddick being bumped by the Greens at one end and finishing a nose ahead of Sibhoan Benita the independent in London’s mayoral race – and don’t get me started on Professor Pengoo. Apart from the crumb of comfort in Boris, coalition candidates suffered averywhere. In Ealing and Hillingdon Boris’ statutory Deputy Richard Barnes was defeated by local GP Onkar Sahota in a stunning win of a seat that has been stubbornly Tory since its creation – a prize scalp as was the insufferably smug Brian Coleman in Camden and Barnet who also lost out to former MP Andrew Dismore. The vanquished Barnes was last seen having a hissy fit by the Evening Standard here blaming it all on the coalition. Duh!

The victory of François Hollande outre mer keeps being accompanied in reports with the fact that the French socialists last won in 1995. Let’s not forget that here in blighty the Conservatives have not won a general election since 1992.