After attempting to pen a post on my time last week spent in Istanbul at the “Debating Multiculturalism” academic workshop organised by the Dialogue Society of Holloway Road N7, only to see it disappear before my eyes when hitting a wrong key, I will instead direct readers to posts on it here (from Turkish News Agency Cihan) and here (from leading London Lib Dem Jonathan Fryer). Luckily the programme was well designed enough to encompass 25 papers on Britain (eg 01 and 2011 riots, Rushdie affair, Croydon tram video) as well as Turkey (the Allevis and Kurds are significant minorities even if the country does not recognise the concept of multiculturalism as such). It also had a fair ammount of time set aside for organised sight-seeing so I thought I’d share pics of (i) the Hagia Sofia and (ii) blue mosque (known locally as the Sultanahmet Camii). Finally in the Grand Bazaar are the kids outfits for circumcision ceremonies available in one emporium (fig a) which reminded me of (fig b) the classic Doctor Who episode Spearhead from Space.

All in all an exceptionally academically and socially stimulating event. Conference proceedings can be found here.