If you google “Daily Mail” + “fascist” you get (i) wiki explaining that in the 1930s its puppet master Lord Rothermere was sympathetic to the British fascist movement in Britain then (ii) a Guardian piece by former Mirror editor Roy Grrenslade pleadingĀ  that the Mail deserves to be forgiven its 80 years ago abberation. Admittedly they did go some way to making amends by championing the case of mudrered black teenager Stephen Lawrence when Home Secretary Micheal Howard pretty much sat on his hands over the whole affair. It looks though that they are returning to their true colours.

On their website today you’ll find this article claiming “Despite her flaws, the only responsible vote in France next Sunday is one for Marine Le Pen”. Luckily their influence is minimal across the channel but nonetheless a deeply irresponsible thing to say bigging up a fascist with despicable views who has enjoyed a rise to prominence after piggybacking off her Vichy-supporting, holocaust-denying dad. As Obama said of Sarah Palin, you can put lipstick on a pig but it’s still a pig.

By the way for anyone with a vote in the London Mayoral election still confused about how to cast it there’s this helpful site out there where you answer a survey and they tell you who your vote’s best matched to.