I keep having hits to this blog of people looking for my reaction to the Bradford West by-election result. As the only woman shortlisted for the Labour nomination I’ve had a go at putting down some thoughts which can be found over at Labour List here.

My involvement there was brief; it was less than a week in between sending off an email attachment with Labour CV application form thingy and husting in front of the membership a day after a Labour NEC interview the day before in London. I pity the people electors of the constituency though. If the experience of Galloway’s last seat Bethnal Green and Bow is anything to go by, they will have at best rubbishy representation for the next three years now as they are used as George Galloway’s stepping stone back to what he sees as his rightful place as MP allowing him a great platform for various extra curricular stuff (speaking tours , Celeb Big Brother et al) usually outweighing his attendance.

The result was a not a narrow win; it was a rout. Labour need to learn lessons as everyone keeps saying but if his last parliamentary experience is anything to go by… with Respect massively rejected in 2010 for Labour and all Respect councillors in both Tower Hamlets and neighbouring Newham defecting over to Labour by the end of it… the electors of Bradford West might learn something too in the whole process.