Meant to flag this up earlier: the indefatigable Paul Burgin of the excellent Mars Hill blog braved his way to Surbiton the other day to record a podcast with me. The result went up at his site last week here.

Main subject of the discussion was the 2012 Mayoral election which still looks to be neck and neck between the big two contenders with the LibDems a distant third. As Labour overtake the Conservatives in the national polls largely due to their granny grabbing raid in the budget whilst cutting taxes for the richest in the nation, Cameron and Osborne’s destruction of the idea of us all being in this together may well help push Ken ahead. I witnessed Livingstone last week at a rally in Waterloo where Eddie Izzard and Owen Jones also did comedy turns. On every seat were oyster card holders for all with campaign themes on them. Here are a couple to give you an idea:

Not the most subtle but certainly visually arresting and something I feel happier about advertising than Ikea/ Matercard and also the other recent sponsors of Oyster. A further report of the 500-strong rally complete with atmospheric photo can be see at John Gray’s blog here.