You may have seen on Labour list that Bradford Constituency Labour Party last night picked 33 year old Imran Hussain, the city’s Deputy Council Leader to fight the upcoming by-election on the 29th following Marsha Singh MP’s decision to retire on the grounds of ill health. George Galloway is planning to contest the seat in his usual opportunist way seizing an opportunity to exploit Muslim voters. As if his Big Brother miaowing cat impression and donning a leotard to do a clockwork dance in wasn’t bad enough he has deeply unsound politics: often spotted chewing the fat over a cigar or several with murderous middle eastern tyrants past and present. He must be soundly defeated so he does not impact the Labour vote and help the Tories there.

If you’re nearby and Labour-inclined in the 17 remaining days go and lend a hand to the campaign HQ nearby Forster Square station to make this a thumping big Labour vote. If you’re in London you’ll probably be doing the same for Ken Livingstone in the run-up to the mayoral elections.