Interesting post here at the Ventures in Data Science blog set up by Will Parbury aka TweetforLabour aka Parburypolitica asessing the number of tweets last week mentioning the two leading contenders for London Mayor. Boris comes out on top apparently although Ken is marginally ahead in the positivity stakes. Of course these things change all the time as Will points out. Increasingly often news reports in “old” media these days are increasingly comprised of “new” media generated content eg reports in the papers after Whitney Houston’s death almost entirely constructed from celeb tweets lamenting the sad loss.

Lastly despite advance publicity for the Uprise/ Channel 4 Mayoral debate announcing that Boris and Ken would show up, they both bailed to be replaced not with tubs of lard but by deputies Richard Barnes and Val Shawcross. As the Evening Standard reported the winner amongst the audience was wildcard working mum candidate with Dragons Den connections – confirmed for me straight from the horses mouth by host Konnie Huq.