Today the 21st Feb is international mother language day as feted by the United Nations after Bengali-speaking language martyrs were gunned down on the spot in 1952 for their campaign to have Bangla (as its known at in Bengali itself) recognised a state language of Pakistan at the time of pre-independence Bangladesh. More info is here.  I remember when I lived in Strasbourg on the eastern edge of France the Council of Europe based there used to issue directives to preserve minority languages like Alsacian (which the regional news was broadcast in) but Bengali  is hardly a minority tongue. According to this Encarta page there are 207,000,000 speakers of it making it the 6th most spoken language on the planet. Anyway long live languages everywhere (including Esperanto which this blog has commented on before).

In the centre of Dhaka the Shahid Minar (Tower of the Martyrs) commemorates the spot where the rebels fell. Here is a picture of the scale replica of the monument that exists in Oldham: