Up here at the Channel 4 News website is an article pondering just what are the reasons behind the success of Adele, the norf London songstress (that’s Tottenham not Hampstead) who scooped  six Grammy awards in a ceremony tinged with sadness after Whitney Houston’s death yesterday. The article’s author Fariha Karim sometime Guardian Bangladesh correspondent wanted to know why it is Adele is so big in a metaphorical rather than physical sense. The reasons are multiple. Her non-supermodel earthiness is a factor. Despite being a Brits school alumnus it counts in her favour too that she’s not an obvious product of the X-Factor treadmill. Anyway I was happy to oblige with my two-pennyworth on her winning formula which is clearly good at shifting units.

Not as good as being on Channel 4 News itself but while I’m here I thought I’d let you know that since my last appearance on that redoutable show we now have its former presenter Samira Ahmed on board at Kingston University as a visiting Professor in the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences. In this capacity she will be (i) hosting this swanky central London event which includes Bonnie Greer, a slap-up meal and jazz band on the 20th Feb with limited tickets available for £32.50 and (ii) speaking for me at a Sociology Lecture on “the mass media” (a freebie) on the morning of the 14th March to which all readers of this blog are cordially invited – more details to follow nearer the time.

Meanwhile congratulations to Adele and good to hear after throat problems she’s off the fags too now. With Lana Del Rey providing the most memorable track of 2011 and Emeli Sande tipped to go huge with her new album maybe, after all these spotty lads playing guitars for so long being feted by critics, the age of the diva is upon us.