Apologies for lightness of posting of late. It’s been busy work-wise (loads of marking including exams sometimes written in inscrutable handwritten script).

Anyway got myself down this weekend to this event hosted by the charity Healthy Planet (at Park Royal, spitting distance from where the Ealing Borough election count was last year) which you might have seen on BBC Breakfast or Newsround. The aim is to reccyle unwanted stuff and give it a second life rather than the expensive waste of landfill. It’s a win-win situation, clear your clutter while you’re at it and the landlord who owns the hitherto dormant warehouse that hosted it avoids the commercial business rate for having empty space.

Among the things I picked up (it was mostly all books by the time I put in an appearance) was a 1985 school Textbook called “Social Issues” (only ref I can find to it is here) where this pretty neat model of unemployment grabbed my eye – click to enlarge.

Just as true today if not more so as manufacturing output has shrunk since those days with our reliance on financial and other services getting unhealthy. The unemployment claimant cost also is a burden on the state. All proof that the Tories plan A is manfestly not working, not only have jobless figures got worse in their 18 months in office but growth is now in negative figures and we risk the awful spectre of a double-dip recession if their course of action (cutting too far, too soon) is not amended soon.