One of the highlghts of Ealing Labour’s launch of its GLA elction campaign was the knockabout fun from Ealing North MP Steve Pound ripping into toff Boris. “It’s all very well for him to quote Plato, Catullus and Socrates and all those Brazilian footballers”, he scorned to laughter all round. Now comes the sad news that the former world cup hero Socrates has died as confirmed by the Daily Mail.

Of course since the Ealing event, times have changed. West London political campaigning is set to be domianted by the Feltham and Heston by-election in the forthcoming fortnight. Apparently the Tories have been falling out as to whether they can win this seat with (again according to the Mail) their campaign now in disarray. Conservative home has an article up speculating whether there will be a “Boris bounce” but even most of their commentators can’t see it somehow. The Mail has resorted to muckraking about our candidate’s wealth based on complete speculation and demonstrating desperation.

Saw Seema last week and she is to be a Labour and Co-operative candidate and MP incidentally.