Bringing up the rear of this list of 60something signatories my name can be seen near the bottom of this letter to the Guardian yesterday (although in the print edition, it just said “with 59 others”).

It’s a demand basically to bring an end to the practice of all-male panels in think tank discussions around the Westminster vicinity. The cause has its own site here. Take heed and add your name too.

On this subject I was at an evening meeting in committee room 18 at the House of Commons earlier this week. As usual there was an excruciatingly long wait to clear security/ body scans etc to enter the building. By the end I was thinking I should be getting on a plane to justify all the palaver. However the bit where they take your pic to go on a photo pass round your neck was omitted. When I asked why the kindly officers said the queue was so long they were skipping this bit that day. Isn’t this the kind of thing Theresa May has got herself into trouble over?