Ed Miliband chose “Don’t Stop Believing” as popularised by Glee as his conference soundtrack then Cameron walked into the adoring audience after his big speech to the Cure’s “Lovecats”. Dunno what their mainman Robert Smith makes of it all but so far the Tories have not had a good response from their musical faves. First there was last year’s tweet by from Johnny Marr which turned into a Morrissey-supported fatwa stamping on Cam’s love of the Smiths, then last week Bobby Gillespie of Primal Scream hit out at the use of “Rocks” by Theresa May to conclude the speech which unleashed cat-gate.

While Ed’s choice to my ears trumps 1997 New Labour’s “Things Can Only Get Better” (although media-friendly physicist Prof Brian Cox was one part of D-Ream) perhaps the Tories were on safer ground when they used to feature renditions in person from paid-up supporters – Mike Batt, Andrew Lloyd Webber and Hot Chocolate anyone?