The titles “London’s Burning” and “I Predict a Riot” have been much invoked in the past week but surely the best relevant song is Half Man Half Biscuit’s 1986 “Trumpton Riots” (on the album “Back in the DHSS”) based on the incongruity of power being overthrown in a sleepy stop-animation village. The modern poetry of the lyrics can be found here and a live performance here.

In the Trumpton riots the Town Hall was smashed up. In the London Borough of Ealing that straddles the suburban/urban divide ours emerged with not a scratch, the looters were more into Bang and Olufsen (which they tried and failed to break and enter into). It is predicted to be standing room only at said Town Hall for tonight’s emergency council meeting (Julian Bell’s equivalent of Cameron recalling Parliament). Will hopefuly report back more later tonight (if I can squeeze in that is).

UPDATE: A 16 year old boy from Hounslow has been remanded in custody for the murder of Richard Mannigham Bowes as has his 32 year old mother for perverting the course of justice. More here.