The picture above was taken on Tuesday. I thought it was mindless and meaningless enough that a florists had been “trashed” (is it only me who finds it odd when that word is used by serious sounding news-presenters, ditto “rehab”?) However worse still it had all been cordoned off as a crime scene. It was between here and Springbridge Road that the man identified yesterday as Richard-Mannington-Bowes was set on by a mob when he tried to put out a fire on Monday night. They’d taken his wallet/ phone so no-one knew who he was for days. Tragically the 68 year old who lived on Haven Green lost his fight for life late on Thursday night. He was by all accounts “very polite and very well spoken. He wouldn’t hurt a fly… very old school and had very traditional, old fashioned values that are sorely lacking in many today”. This is unbelievably sad news. His family had only just been informed late on Thursday.

Back on Tuesday Phil Taylor my ward councillor (Con) had a very good report quantifying the post-riot damage in Ealing, putting into prespective the one burnt building (albeit alarmingly one with several flats above) and numerous smashed windows in cars/ shops with a smaller number of looted shops and burnt out cars. At the time there were no casualties… sadly that is no longer the case.

Police have some good footage of the suspect, see here. Someone must know who he has and they need to come forward or he needs to give himself up.

UPDATE: A 22 year old man has been arrested in connection with this now 6th death (including Mark Duggan). Let’s hope this concludes in an appropriate sentence passed commensurate with this horrid crime

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