Some pictures taken 10am – 2pm in Ealing today: click on any image to enlarge

World famous Ealing film Studios foregrounded by burnt out cars. Below: smashed shopfronts (Visage carrying on regardless with no glass) + gatherings of gawpers on the Green and by the horse where volunteers assembled

Evidence of despicable acts of wanton destruction, although the aftermath of by all accounts a scary night not as bad as some of the tweets had suggested. Any motivation of police justice or whatever has been long lost. This is downright thuggery. These people were not trying to make a statement against capitalism (too high faluting). Doing-in family run non-chain shops is really kicking small business when it’s down. I bet most of the morons have never even heard of the name Mark Duggan. Sean Carey rightly posts here that its boils down to opportunistic consumerism in this post.

Ealing Council did a good job of cleaning up starting at 5am. By 10 when I got there only 2 burnt cars left south of Broadway and they were being lifted away by crane. The main A4020 Ealing Broadway seems to have largely escaped (police had sealed it off) and shopping centre not burned as had been tweeted (although H Samuel’s windows was smashed). The main damage was Haven Green and Ealing Green, both really nice corners that qualify for the adjective I keep hearing in relation to Ealing: leafy. Very saddening to see a florists trashed and cordoned off as a crime scene in Springbridge Road (where TK Maxx also looted).

A load of volunteers brandishing brooms also did their bit to tidy up this morning. By 5pm though the media scrum of earlier today when it was difficult to move for camera crews had cleared. Here is the latest advice from Ealing Council: stay in and keep calm. Shops also closed earlier giving what is usually a bustling town centre a weirdly eeerie calm around it. The Sunny weather has helped lift the mood today.

Stuff going on in Manchester and people on the defensive offensive in Southall as we speak. To be continued sadly…

UPDATE: Police are appealing for information on the assault of a critically ill 60 year old which is now the focus of Ealing coverage. A 26 year old in Croydon died after sustaining serious injuries yesterday night becoming the first casualty of this awfulness.