Amy Winehouse will forever now be inextricably linked to Camden. Yet there is an interesting thread here from 2009 when it was reported that in order to get her off the evil temptations of NW1 she was experimenting with suburban living by moving to the aptly name Barnet in a house chosen by her mother.

One poster writes “I live in Barnet so was very surprised to hear that Amy has moved hear [sic], especially considering the place is a cultural desert with very few pubs and not much of anything else either. But I suppose it is only a short distance from Camden and central London and she’ll no doubt be chauffeur driven there. I think her house is likely to be in Hadley Wood as there are some massive mansions there (the boxer Lenox Lewis owns one)… I wonder if I’ll ever bump into her down the pub,? Lol.” According to the Sun at the time a resident was quoted as saying: “House prices have fallen enough without Amy Winehouse taking up residence.”

Among early comings and goings a Mezuzah was attached to the front door – an item of the Jewish faith with a “bless this house” significance. Alas the suburban tranquillity did not last. By 2010 forums were reporting that she was wanting to move back as the 12 mile distance from old haunts was proving fatiguing. An Evening Standard correspondent wrote “Amy Winehouse, Barnet”. It sounded as wrong as “Prince William, Catford… the genteel suburbs of Barnet, home of good state schools and not too many lock-ins, failed to hold Winehouse in thrall”. The rest we know. The weekend’s events make Murdochgate feel like ancient history… truly horrific, inexplicably crazed goings on in Norway and then this. The funeral is to be held today in Golders Green by all accounts. The Jewish Chronicle puts the record straight on some of the wider rumours circulating around custom practice and the burial of people who had tatoos here.