Some person from High School Musical I hadn’t heard of until now is “barely recognisable” after a haircurt. Just as Sinead O’Conor was “barely recognisable” for looking “mumsy” the other day – kind of appropriate seeing as she is a mother-of-four surely? As was Rob Lowe, “barely recognisable” for sporting grey locks at a charity do (method-acting that one) earlier this month. Last month it was Coleen Rooney who was “barely recognisble” when launching a clothing range and also Kate Moss had old photos derdged up as “barely recognisdable” from the days when she looked all innocent according to them (it was the mid 90s in her defence, most people have aged since then unless they’ve been preserved in a Blue Peter style time capsule).

I dunno if I’d agree with their sloppy powers of recognition. These examples here are just a few from this and last month. The Mail’s own search engine shows how libreally this epithet is tossed around by their hacks – everyone from Al Pacino to Richard O’Sullivan (childhood hearthrob of mine since “Carry On Teacher”) are all/ have been “barely recognisable” according to them. As it says:
Results for ‘barely recognisable’
You searched for ‘barely recognisable’ – 306 results found

Surely the Mail needs to widen its story-base from papped pictures of celebs looking unlike the DM’s false-frozen-in-time imagined version of them and broaden their choice of descriptive words while they’re at it.

I usually know I’m on a plane when I’m looking at the Daily Mail in hard copy (which seems to be the usual inflight entertainment every time I’m on one) but their website is usually a tolerable read – if only to know one’s enemy/ see what the other side is thinking. This lack of editorial inspiration with alarming regularity to my mind is however very poor indeed.