Word has reached me from the energetic Tom-Scholes Fogg (aka young Labour politico blogger on the list on the left) and his partner in crime the politics undergraduate Hisham Hamid that their brain-child, the edited book “What Next For Labour?” is about to roll off the presses.

In keeping with the hypoethetical sentiments behind all the “What would Diana look like at 50?” features with Crimewatch-reconstruction style graphics we’ve seen lately,

they’ve come up with a brilliant cover showing all Labour’s postwar leaders (no Ramsey Mac) helping the current one crib some notes off the internet by the looks of it:

That’s how I interpreted it anyway. Great stuff from these two boy geniuses. Can’t wait to read the book when it hits the shops and Amazon on the 26th of this month. I have to say I’m well impressed:
– at the quick turnaround compared to academic publishers who take ages to do anything, often rendering cutting edge research into cob-web infested history by the time it hits the shelves
– at the very reasonable tenner it’ll set you back – the last academic volume I was in cost 60 times the ammount – click here if you don’t believe me/ have £600 spare. More details (including a quote from me which seems to have elevated my job title and salary bracket) here Other contributors include various peers of the realm, Willie Bain MP.

PS This upping my academic status seems to be catching: Samira Ahmed was at it yesterday on Twitter