You might remember this blog reporting the uncanny similarity between the CGI Mayor of Chuggington with ex-Playschool presenter Floella Benjamin

Now Samira Ahmed (ex Channel 4 News now Radio 4) has uncovered the spooky similarity between an Asterix foe called “Crismus Bonus” (sic) and Dominique (ex IMF one-time PS Presidential hopeful) Strauss Kahn. Compare and contrast:

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Apparently the Asterix writing combo have form on this. This character

was based on this chracter

Longer blogpost from Samira here who found time before new BBC duties commence to drop into Kingston University’s Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences yesterday to take tea.

Lastly there are too many great Simpsons chracterisations that were not even barely disguised to list (Blair, Clinton, Paul McCartney, Lucille Ball etc) so here’s a clip of Sesame Street doing “Mad Men” instead: