It looks like Tom MacMaster the Scottish-based American blogger who claimed to be a gaygirl in Damscus is at it again. This time it was as commenter “Miriam” writing supportive things about him to the liberal Jewish website Mondoweiss defending the last hoax. The comment bleated “misguided though he may have been in his actions, _did_ highlight real issues and real concerns… from real compassion. He is (or was) a real ally.., He is an individual with no budget, trying to bring attention to issues through writing”- all this impassioned guff from the same IP address as before. After this was rumbled MacMaster submited his own convoluted argument to the site trying to explain his way out of it all. See the whole thread here.

It’s often claimed that blogging is addictive: MacMaster clearly has fallen for the thrill of it big-time but he should ditch the impersonation bit or explicitly make clear that it’s fiction and pass it off as such. This blogging-in-drag stuff is looking like less of a coincidence and dangerously close to a pathological habit. Since George Ritzer’s quasi management theory of McDonaldisation based on the burger giant, the “Mc” prefix often gets added to things to denigrate as formulaic – McJob etc. On this one MacMaster is McTaking the biscuit I’m afraid.