Interesting to see the grudging admission from Northfield Tory Phil Taylor that the scaremongering speculation he and fellow ward councillors whipped up that Northfields Library was to close has proved to be inaccurate. At Tuesday’s full (in every sense of the word) council meeting the news was announced that, following public consultation, Ealing’s Labour Council has decided *not* to close Northfields Library.

Indeed none of the 4 libraries in sites across the borough that had been under threat will close. Taylor reproduces his speech from the night but his waving around an organisational chart of people on hefty salaries employed centrally by the library service a couple of months ago probably played its part. The avoidance of closures has been done by finding volunteers through the consultation process and cutting the bloated mangement structure that the previous Conservative administration had failed to curb during their term of office.

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Note it’s not a U-turn but the announcement of the outcome of a consultation (not the same thing). The full statement setting out the position is quoted here.

Amusing to see in the meantime the debate “Is John Gallagher human?” take place on this forum here. Having served as his Deputy Mayoress last year I never saw him get cut but I am pretty sure if he did his blood is red (although some of the commenters in the thread would probably rather it were blue). He’ll probably be presiding over a few stormy meetings in the coming year as no doubt all councils and public bodies will be forced to implement some unpalatable and unpopular cuts but good to see that this vital community service has been safegaurded.