“Tonight we’e gonna party like its 1989” (to paraphrase his purpleness or Prince or swiggly line thingy). So just to remind anyone who wasn’t there/ paying attention this is the Milli Vanilli performance that got record complaints lodged with the BBC for the fact that the rather … er.. well endowed band had all their bits hanging out for all to see. Auntie’s cameramen clearly didn’t know where precisely to put their bi-focals.

The greater tragedy was that the pair never did anything on their admittedly hook laden/easy on the ear records (and they really were records then). It was a not-very-photogenic ex-chef from Germany.

Reminds me somewhat of a persecuted Syrian “gay lesbian” as Jon Snow called her (I think he actually said “wretched lesbian” but I was too frazzled and dazzled to challenge the silver fox). The girl in question who had 850,000 blog-hits and her case taken up by Jeremy Paxman turned out to be a married 40 year old postgrad in Edinburgh of American extraction. He has not only had his university mail account frozen but will never live this down. This complete idiocy will stay online forever: incarcerated by internet.

I wonder if Mili vanilli’s google hits have had an upturn (ooo-er missus) in the same way as visitors to this blog. Their revival starts here.