… that’s the number of comments I seem to have got for my “What’s left of the left?” post up today at Labourlist here. It reflects on last month’s Progressive Governance Conference held in Oslo where centre-left heads of state were thinner on the ground than in previous years. Still a good chance to hear new ideas based around Policy Network’s new Memos to the Left document that includes action plans from academics and politicians addressing how to fashion a post-crash economy.

The comments are more of a dialogue between posters (some in Spanish I think) rather than directly on the original post but then again my last post there attracted universal outrage from people commenting on the quote at the top from Lady Gavron rather than the substance of the actual article.

PS Eagle eyed lefty readers will have seen the column up first in last week’s Tribune, a difficult mag to buy as a one-off but relatively inexpensive to subscribe to and with a great Labour pedigree – Michael Foot, George Orwell et al…