Interesting edition here of the Pod Delusion weekly news magazine thingy covering politics, science, culture and philosophy

The site was set up with the following rationale:

a podcast that’s broadly lefty/liberal/skeptic/atheistic/geeky – essentially Guardianista in philosophy, or maybe sharing values with Little Atoms if it were produced by someone infinitely less educated. The remit of the podcast…. simply “things that are interesting”… the tone … somewhere between satirical, sarcastic and light hearted.
It’s also a Web2 marvel where any Tom, Dick and Harriet can send in their efforts

Have a listen for this week’s ish where you can hear

David “two brains” Willetts on science careers and
Will Parbury on the Daily Mail
and even a deconstruction of Lady Gaga likening her to a public intellectual citing Morrissey along the way

amongst others with a reggae backing tune in between features

By the way Will, what happened to your blog? I know I’m often accused of lightness of posting but July 2010 is a heckuva long time ago!