In today’s Tribune my column begins

Back in 2000 when cool Britannia ruled and Tony Blair’s honeymoon hadn’t yet ended, the Runnymede Trust’s Commission on the Future of Multi-Ethnic Britain concluded. Vice chair Lady Gavron daringly declared “It would have been great if Prince Charles had been told to marry someone black. Imagine what message that would have sent out”.
Five years later Charles got hitched to Camilla, declining this challenge and this week it’s Prince William’s turn up the aisle. While the House of Windsor’s ethnic deficit is still unaddressed, Kate Middleton may however be closer to Britain’s ethnic communities than first meets the eye.

It then goes into the Southall connection (by all accounts a big street party was held in Clarence Street, former home of the bride’s grandparents). I won’t bore you with the rest (buy the mag) but instead here’s a photo picturing a hypothetical scenario nicked from comedian Brij Mohan’s Facebook page you won’t see in any of the Royal wedding picture supplements out in this weekend’s papers:

PS Why Duke and Duchess of Cambridge? Should it not have been Southall?