Another embrarrasing climbdown for the ConDems. First it was over Bookstart, the scheme to get toddlers reading they wanted to axe but kept. Today it’s the selling off of the family silver… ooops I mean flogging off the forrests which Caroline Spelman has reversed today. In both cases they completely misjudged the public reaction.

Then there’s the Trident replacement, kicked into the long grass and the once game-changing inheritance tax promise and the judgemental marriage tax break: both now shelved as only merely each an “aspiration”.

Thirdly are the outright lies: like the pre-election pledge to not raise VAT which has now gone up to a record fifth of most non-food items or the promise they’d not be tampering with child benefit.

I’m glad that so see disastrous Bookstart and forests policy ditched but why were these positions ever formulated in the first place? It seems that with every day that passes this Conservative-led government further qualifies for the adjective Tony Blair applied to John Major “weak, weak, weak”.