David Cameron’s muddled comments on multiculturalism the other day particularly aimed at Muslims were delivered from Germany where he was at the time. Maybe his whereabouts caused him to overlook the poor timing: coinciding with the English Defence League’s anti-Muslim march the same day created the spectacle of EDL thugs cheering him on as “one of us” he speech was also cheered by French FN leader Le Pen.

However like everything about him Cameron’s comments were not particularly original. Who was it who said in 2006 with specific reference to Muslims: “Conform… or don’t come here. We don’t want the hate-mongers, whatever their race.” It was Cameron’s role model Tony Blair.

Proof if proof were needed that Cameron hasn’t got an original thought in his head. At least Blair started off with the Sunny optimism of Cool Britannia’s multicultural prescription before the combined effects of 9/11, the Iraq debacle and 7/7 hardened his stance. Cameron seems to have gone to negativism as his initial default position.

Interesting to see Tony Blair himself pop up on tv on the Andrew Marr programme over the weekend. From what I could work out as a condition of his appearance he refused to answer questions on domestic politics and dealt with just the Middle East. Ok it’s a big region but still it’d be nice if he stuck in the boot now and again to this awful coaltion government. Neil Kinnock never seems to have any problem doing so.