In the Guardian Guide’s roundup of things to look forward to in 2011 was a brand spanking new album from that British pop institution Cornershop with vocalist Bubbley Kaur. The two have already collaborated on the single Topknot – listen here.

Only catch is that before it comes out there’s bit of interactive stuff that the band want your help with. In common with various other bands Cornershop have broken free of the shackles of the traditional industry and instead are going down the pledgemusic route which is artist and fan-centred. Musicians raise the finances for releasing new product via a site where fans can pledge for memorabilia and stuff, cutting out the middle man megabucks of the record companies and instead investing themselves in the future of their fave bands. The Independent explains it all here. In their words “At last, everyone’s a winner.”

The list of stuff is here that Cornershop have up for grabs: a guitar from the band, signed lyrics, and artwork. It even includes a chance to get hold of a rare as hens teeth copy of the 2006 classic “Beyond Subculture” signed by both lead singer Tjinder Singh and my own fair hand. Definetly worth a few clicks/quid of anyone’s time/ money.

For a flavour of the newbie catch the new song United Provinces of India here. Downloaded it to keep forever here: