Great result in yesterday’s Oldham and Saddleworth by-election after a Labour campaign that should silence Miliband’s critics: both Milibands that is. David M turned out to campaign and Ed M has reinforced his leadership with a substantially increased majority that had both coaltion parties trailing.

Up at Progress is a roundup for “Progressive Voices”: Hopi Sen, Sam Townend and me explaining what Ed should do now. My answer was popular socialism. The whole s word has been discredited since the eighties but it’s time to claim it back. The same was the case with the union jack since the 70s, seen as little more than a National Front emblem but by 1997 it was part of the cool Britannia prescription. Of course you don’t need to bang on about popular socialism as much as come up with policies that embody it: the NHS is probably our best cherished example. The upcoming policy review should offer the appropriate canvas to sketch this out upon.