Not just a train crash but a ‘bloody awful train crash’ is seen as the consequence of the Conservatives current health reforms by Robert Creighton, chief executive of NHS Ealing, NHS Hounslow and NHS Hillingdon who also hit out at the Government for its treatment of NHS managers, and said the NHS was ‘at risk of blowing it’.

All this is not from some New Labour puppet but the former advisor to Virginia Bottomley in her Secretary of State for Health days. A quick google throws up a jobs for the boys row back in 1995 when Labour were complaining of his appointment as Cheif Exec of Great Ormond Street Hospital. Now even he is appalled at how the 2010 Tories are destroying the NHS with turbulent reforms inevitably diverting trusts from the £20bn of efficiency savings set out by NHS chief executive Sir David Nicholson.

If you don’t believe me, hear it from the horse’s mouth here (audio link) or read here.