With Labour in opposition for the first time in 13 years, the party needs to shout louder to be heard: we are no longer the masters now.The main episodes that have brought it attention from the media in recent weeks are the deviant deeds of two Labour MPs (one found guilty of lying in election literature and another who admitted assault during a Common karaoke party) and the ill-advised comments of another (Harriet Harman’s “ginger rodent” comment was a major news item although when Neil Kinnock in his heyday faced similar “ginger whinger” taunts no-one batted an eyelid).

One positive story featuring Ed Miliband today though: the good news of his second son’s birth. Congratulations to all the family. As a result of Daily Mail disapproval, Ed promised before the event that this time he’d be down the registry office himself pronto. Given the seemingly hereditary nature of our politics (the Maudes and Jenkins on the Tory side and Benns and Cryers on ours) it’ll only be about 40 years time before there will be another Miliband brothers leadership fight.