Raves it seems are back in the news, with a bust in Holborn hitting the headlines over the weekend. I guess this means that the 80s revival continues apace; even Thatcher was on on the telly tonight while Aha, Spandau Ballet, OMD etc have all reformed.

Raves in their original guise as acid house and later when the 1994 Criminal Justice and Public Order Act to stamp them out altogether was going through, were seen as a resistance movement opposing the hrash climate of the then Conservative government. The anti CJB and PO campaign was seized on by some on the left as an example of social movements in action, politicising something originally seen as purely hedonistic – although Labour in parliament pretty much supported the legislation.

Around the original Summer of Love, coalitions were also vogueish or rather the Alliance between the SDP (rightwing ex-Labour splintergroup) and Liberal party. Of course the two merged to the LibDems. I still think the parties missed a trick: given the prevailing soundtrack of the time and the fact that the SDP is now all but forgotten surely the merged party should have been the LSD ie Liberal and Social Democrats.