And now for something completely different.

Why do we when campaigning in quick time on the doorstep call this method “blitzing”? Or in times of adversity evoke the “blitz spirit”? The word’s true meaning is unpicked tomorrow, amongst other things, at a talk at the London Transport Museum. For full details (tickets etc) click here.

The London Blitz – Tuesday 26 October 2010 at 18:30
The talk looks at how London was the first target by German air bombers and suffered the most concerted of all the attacks on Britain. More than half those killed or seriously injured were Londoners and of three million houses destroyed or damaged beyond repair over 50 per cent were in London; the very fabric of society was subjected to the most serious test ever and though ultimately morale did not crack, the Blitz raised important questions about the ability of local as well as national government to protect its people from attack and meet their urgent needs – both physical and psychological

The speaker is Juliet Gardiner author of ‘The Blitz: The British Under Attack’ commemorating the 70th anniversary on 7 September 1940. Should be a fascinating event as these talks always are.

Finally here is a graphic depicting another meaning if the term: the early 80s club frequented by Boy George, Steve Strange etc that started the new romantic movement.